a cataract is a treatable condition

you must not wear contact lenses before your assessment for:

-1 week for soft contact lenses or 

-4 weeks for hard contact lenses

A cataract is when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy. This is usually a gradual process that occurs over time. The treatment for early cataracts is glasses but eventually, glasses are no longer enough to allow you to see well. At this stage, most people have an assessment for cataract surgery.

a cataract assessment consists of

  • asking you questions about you and your health, including details of any medications that you make be taking and allergies
  • a complete examination of your eyes
  • measurements of your eyes. This is different to what your optician does and is essential to plan your surgery.
  • options, including consent for the procedure, type of anaesthetic, information leaflets and health questionnaires.

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